Jessica Chen

UC Berkeley Student

Portfolio Website

This website is made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/JQuery. Although I have more experience with backend development, creating this personal site helped me gain practice with web design and development.

Bear Maps

Bear Maps is a web-mapping application created using a dataset of Berkeley, CA. To build this project, I implemented rastering, the conversion of query requests to corresponding pixel-by-pixel images, and routing, the identification of distances between two points.

Monster Escape

Escape the monster dungeon without being eaten before time runs out! Monster Escape is a 2D tile-based game with keyboard and mouse interactivity. It includes a random world-generator, save/load game options, and creative mechanisms.

NBody Simulation

NBody is a simulation of N objects in a plane, accounting for the gravitational forces that mutually affect each object. This program draws an animation showing the motion of planets in space.


Using disjoint sets, this program estimates the value of the percolation threshold via the Monte Carlo simulation. An N-by-N grid contains blocked, open, or opened and filled sites. The system percolate when a full site reaches the bottom row.

Seam Carver

In this project, I created a data type that resizes images using seam-carving. Seam-carving is a content-aware image resizing technique where the image is reduced in size by one row or column of pixels at a time.

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